With our sights set on airports by tropical storm ‘Hermine’

Aena has scheduled 2,188 operations between today and tomorrow in the eight airport infrastructures of Canary Islands. Due to the high passenger activity, the Canarian aerodromes will therefore be key scenarios given the possibility of being affected by the adverse weather forecasts announced for the next few hours by the proximity of tropical storm ‘Hermine’.

Tenerife, with 717 movements, it will be the one that concentrates the most activity ahead of Gran Canaria (615), Lanzarote (374), Fuerteventura (302), La Palma (126), El Hierro (38) and La Gomera (16). If the 1,014 operations on Friday are counted, this will be a weekend with 3,202 flights. Gando (179) and Los Rodeos (168) are going to channel 347 of the 598 national connections scheduled for today, with international connections being the dominant ones In the Canary Islands Sur (175), Gran Canaria (138) and Fuerteventura (124).

In the province of Tenerife, the greatest activity will take place at the airport facilities located in Granadilla with 205 operations (175 international and 30 national) ahead of Tenerife North, with 170 (2 international and 168 national); La Palma, with 59 (4 international and 55 national); El Hierro, with 18 (16 nationals) and, finally, La Gomera, with eight (8 nationals).

flights for sunday

For the Sunday session, Tenerife will account for 342 of the 1,049 operations on Aena’s agenda, with a slight advantage over Gran Canaria (298) and a somewhat larger distance compared to Lanzarote (194), Fuerteventura (120) and La Palma ( 67). The gap with respect to El Hierro is multiplied by nine and almost by 20 with respect to the movements that are going to take place in La Gomera.

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