A canary affected by the Iberia strike speaks

The Three Kings holiday is tinged with inconvenience for more than 4,000 travelers whose plans are altered by the cancellations resulting from the Iberia handling staff strike. A total of 20 flights will be suspended, affecting 12 connections from Las Palmas airport and 8 in Tenerife North.

Behind this situation, shocking stories are revealed, some of which have been shared by those affected. Dr. Yvelise Barrios, from the University of La Laguna, recounts her experience in Herrera at COPE Tenerife. Her daughter, a student in Barcelona, ​​had a flight scheduled to return to Barcelona on January 7 after spending Christmas in Tenerife. Given the cancellation, Barrios was forced to purchase a new flight for January 8 with another company, incurring costs significantly higher than the reimbursement offered by Iberia.

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