Saying Farewell to Congestion and Parking Issues

The Government Board last Monday, chaired by the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, approved the awarding of the works for the creation of a new pedestrian space and a plaza at the confluence of Méndez Núñez and Robaina streets, popularly known as Orche areato the company Conacon “for an amount of 660,147 euros, in a multi-year contract and whose completion of the execution is expected within nine months, so the new Robayna plaza will be completed in 2025,” adds the capital councilor.

The Councilor for Infrastructure, Javier Rivero, announces that “These urban rehabilitation works are expected to begin during the third week of April and represent a radical transformation with the creation of a new pedestrian area, free of road traffic and parking” and adds that “this year, 410,000 euros will be allocated to carry out the first phase of the works and, next year, the rest will be paid” and confirms that “first this confluence will be closed to traffic to begin the work and, then , how it will be executed will be established, according to the spaces.”

“The intention of the City Council – Rivero details – is to begin the renovation works in the area adjacent to the shops, where the Orche cafeteria is located, and, gradually, to extend its execution towards the Military Government building” and highlights that “even so, it has not yet been decided how to proceed, because an agreement must be reached with the company, but the idea is to go as quickly as possible and avoid cuts in sections, so the intention is to completely close this space and leave free traffic on the sidewalks during the work,” says the Councilor for Works and Infrastructure.

When the renovation is completed, it will go from a public space currently occupied by cars to an open one, “with a large plaza finished in natural Canarian stone and a new parking area for people with reduced mobility (PMR), in addition to the placement of a new pedestrian crossing on 25 de Julio Avenue,” highlights Javier Rivero, who details that “Likewise, the central streetlight will be maintained and new furniture will be installed, such as benches and trash cans, along with renewed species of trees, which will provide shadow the future urban enclave.”

Likewise, the fords will be left intact, but the traffic lights will be eliminated and pedestrian walkways will be created with the intention of this place becoming a more pleasant connectivity hub, promoting leisure and recreation for citizens. The mayor recalls that “we have Weyler Square very close, which, because it is protected as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), makes it difficult to create more spaces for games or for the family, which is why the pedestrianization of the Orche area seeks to pass from a place now occupied by cars to a new one designed for people so they can enjoy the city.”

Tenerife Weekly News