Troops Continue Search Efforts on Monday

The Government of the Canary Islands’ Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) air and ground forces have carried on with the search for the individual who went missing last Saturday off the coast of El Sauzal (Tenerife), where rough sea conditions persist, as reported by 1-1-2.

The search operation began at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday after an off-duty National Police officer alerted the Emergency and Security Coordination Centre about two individuals, one being a minor, falling into the sea due to strong waves at Rojas beach in El Sauzal, Tenerife.

The informant mentioned that the adult hit the rocks while the minor was seen swimming away from the turbulent surf area.

Immediately, 1-1-2 mobilised an emergency response team involving the GES helicopter, firefighters, Maritime Rescue, Local Police, Civil Guard, and the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC).

The helicopter crew successfully rescued the minor, who was then moved to a nearby platform where Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) ambulances were waiting to provide medical aid.

The minor, suffering from hypothermia and moderate injuries, was transported to the Canary Islands University Hospital alongside a woman experiencing anxiety.

In response, SUC activated a team of emergency psychologists to provide support to the relatives of the individuals involved at the scene.

The firefighting team at the scene collaborated with medical and rescue services, although the high waves and rough sea conditions hindered the rescue of the adult who reportedly disappeared in one of the caves in the area.

The GES helicopter persisted in the area where the person went missing until being relieved by the Maritime Rescue helicopter, Helimer, which continued the search efforts without success.

A Maritime Rescue vessel joined the search operations at sea, while land agents from Local Police, firefighters, and Civil Guard continued the search throughout the night from Saturday to Sunday.

SUC maintained a standby medical ambulance and a team for psychological support.

On Sunday, the search operation resumed with the involvement of a Civil Guard GEAS team, unfortunately without any success.

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