“We have demonstrated with facts the defense of the Canary Islands”


The president of the Canary Islands and general secretary of the PSOE in the islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, affirmed this Sunday that the party “has demonstrated the defense of the Canary Islands with facts. Others only do so with headlines and propaganda. Today the Canary Islands are better than four years ago years and there are the official data that prove it: in employment, in health, in education, in dependency, in sustainability”.

This was stated in the presentation of the candidacies with which the party in El Hierro will participate in the municipal, island and regional elections on May 28. The event took place at the El Mocanal Cultural Center, in Valverde.

The organization secretary and campaign coordinator, Nira Fierro, was also present at the event. In El Hierro, the PSOE currently governs both the Cabildo and its three town halls, so the objective for the next electoral appointment is to repeat or even improve the good results obtained in 2019.

Ángel Víctor Torres said that the Canary Islands and Spain “need to continue counting on progressive governments. On May 28 we played to continue advancing as we have done these four years. El Hierro is an example in this regard for the rest of the Canary Islands. Here we govern in all institutions, what better place to start this route through all the islands”, he added.

Alpidio Armas will run for re-election as island president, just like the mayors Antonio Chinea, Pedro Miguel Ángel Acosta and Juan Miguel Padrón at the head of the Valverde, Frontera and El Pinar municipalities, respectively.

One of the main novelties of the El Hierro socialists for the next electoral appointment is the incorporation of the until now regional deputy Ana González to the candidacy of the Cabildo, as number two of Alpidio Armas. Lucía Fuentes, currently the Island Councilor for Tourism, will be the one who occupies first place on the island list for Parliament this time.

The Socialist Party trusts that the important work carried out in these four years on the island, making new services and new public endowments a reality, will be valued by the men and women of El Hierro and will serve to renew the leadership at the head of the different institutions.

At this Sunday’s event, Ana González reviewed the most notable investments that the Government of Ángel Víctor Torres has made on the island, citing among them the expansion of the Insular Hospital, the roofing works of the sports center and the new swimming pool de Valverde, the nursery school opened in Frontera, the conditioning of the port of La Restinga, the El Golfo raft, the advances in waste management or the delivery, for the first time in eight years, of 24 public housing.

Ana González appealed “to unity and work” to repeat the results obtained in 2019, also recalling that this legislature has been the first time that “city councils have received direct aid”. “The PSOE of El Hierro is very prepared to win the elections on May 28,” she added.

Alpidio Armas pointed out that “there is a team and there is a project” to continue transforming El Hierro, each of its municipalities and the Canary Islands as a whole, and stressed: “We will work hard to achieve, for the first time, two deputies for this Island.”

Antonio Chinea, who will also form part of the insular candidacy, highlighted “the closeness and spirit” of Ángel Víctor Torres, and pointed out that “it is a source of pride” that he has chosen El Hierro as the starting point of his campaign for re-election as President of the Canary Islands

For Pedro Miguel Ángel Acosta, the management and municipal sensitivity of Ángel Víctor Torres has been key so that these four years have meant progress and progress for El Hierro. “Now it’s time to continue all that good work done,” he said.

Magaly González took the floor in place of the mayor and candidate of El Pinar, Juan Miguel Padrón, absent this Sunday in El Mocanal due to being in the recovery phase of a surgical intervention. He recalled that the management that the current government of the Canary Islands has made of the consequences of the volcanic eruption in La Palma far exceeds that of the Canarian Coalition with the 2011 volcano in El Hierro. Then, he said, “they never complied with the rental aid that they promised in La Restinga.”

“Red is the color that best suits El Hierro and the entire Canary Islands,” said Lucía Fuentes, who, like the rest of the participants, called for four more years of government, which “will allow us to complete the projects” of this legislature so full of setbacks.


The first seven positions on the socialist list for the Cabildo de El Hierro are occupied by: Alpidio Armas, Ana González, Jesús Pérez Quintero, María Mar Suárez, Antonio Chinea, Delioma Padrón and Manuel Soto. In the candidacy for the Parliament of the Canary Islands, behind Lucía Fuentes, Juan Rafael Zamora, Dolores Padrón and Magaly González are in the next three places.

In Frontera, accompanying the mayor Pedro Miguel Ángel Acosta, Mercedes Gabriela Alvarez, Juan Luis Acosta, Tamayt González, Jonay Delgado and Lorena Benítez García opted for the first seven places. In Valverde’s candidacy, behind mayor Antonio Chinea, are the following five: Rosana González, Víctor Manuel Delgado, Tania Ávila, Francisco Armas and Javier Miguel Quintero.

For its part, the list of El Pinar, in the top five positions, are: the current mayor Juan Miguel Padrón and Magaly González, Juan Isaías Díaz, Lourdes Pérez and Jaisan Morales.

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