The Quest for Jay, the Missing Tourist in Tenerife, Unfolds with Intense Searches in Steep Terrain and Trails

The search for Jay Slater, a young British man who vanished on June 17 in Masca, a town in Tenerife, continues for the tenth day in a row. The Civil Guard is leading the efforts in the rugged terrain of Buenavista del Norte, as reported by official sources of the armed Institute.

Several units of the Civil Guard, accompanied by canine agents from the Cynological Service, are conducting intense search operations in the ravines, roads, and paths of the challenging terrain. These searches are being conducted by foot and from the air, with the assistance of specialised dogs trained for such missions.

A unit specifically dispatched from Madrid has joined the search efforts for the 19-year-old British man. This specialised team focuses on scouring vast land areas, utilising dogs trained for expansive search missions.

Search operations commence early in the day and conclude at dusk to ensure optimal tracking conditions. The Civil Guard stresses that all possibilities are being considered during the search.

The operation involves agents from the Cynological Service, the Special Mountain Intervention Rescue Group (GREIM), Civil Protection volunteers, drones, and a helicopter. The search is concentrated in the Masca ravine and neighbouring steep areas of Buenavista del Norte municipality.

Jay Slater had travelled to Tenerife with two friends to attend a music festival. On the early hours of June 16, he met two individuals and accompanied them to a house in the Rural Park from Teno.

British media have extensively covered the case, including videos of Jay dancing at a nightclub the night before he went missing.

The following day, he called a friend mentioning he was disoriented, thirsty, and had missed his bus back to the rented apartment. He also informed that his phone battery was critically low, and the call abruptly disconnected.

Concerned by his absence, his friends reported him missing.

Jay’s family has arrived on the island to assist in the search operation.

The location where he vanished is secluded, rugged, and frequented by tourists.

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