El Rosario suffers water cuts due to the fire

El Rosario suffers water cuts due to the fire – Tenerife Weekly News

The El Rosario City Council reported this afternoon that the water supply is being affected in the municipality after the problems caused by the fire in Tenerife in the Aguamansa and Río-Portezuelo canals.

Yesterday, the authorities warned about the possibility that the fire would have repercussions on the water infrastructure and the predictions have materialized.

The affected areas include the town of La Esperanza, as well as the TF-24 highway to the municipal cemetery. In addition, El Sino street and Porcuna road are also among the sectors that have experienced cuts in water supply.

The authorities are working to resolve this situation and restore access to water in these areas as soon as possible. Likewise, they have urged citizens who still have a supply to make limited use of this resource until the situation is resolved.

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